At a recent LoveWorks! relationship training, a woman had a massive breakthrough in her relationship with her husband of many years. She fell in love with him again and felt inspired for new possibilities for their relationship. She exclaimend, 

“I’ve done SO MUCH personal growth, but it’s not until now I GET it! Who would have thought it would take a cute California girl and a skinny Dutchman to save my marriage!”

(Christian is actually from Denmark, but he didn’t correct her. And Sonika? Well, more on her story another time…).

Who We Are

We are a married couple, husband/wife team, who have devoted our lives to studying and teaching love and relationship, and we are still happy and in love after many years of being together (we walk our talk).

Our clients say we are wise, experienced relationship master trainers and relationship experts – we like to think of ourselves as “relationship awesome-izers”.

We are the co-founders of LoveWorks, a leading-edge transformational relationship training company, where we daily delight in empowering couples and singles to transform their relationships from stuck to soaring in a fun, positive, and practically useful way.

The “Official” Bio

This is the bio we are supposed to have on our website, so you can see that we actually are who we say we are, and that we do indeed have degrees, certifications, tons of practical experience and that we actually do make a profound difference for people’s relationships.

Sonika Tinker, MSW, founded the original LoveWorks in 1990. Sonika is a relationship specialist with over 35 years experience coaching singles and couples on the issues of relationship, communication, intimacy, sexuality, dating, law of attraction and personal transformation. In addition to her private coaching practice, she has designed and led hundreds of live trainings and workshops.

Sonika is a Relationship Specialist, Certified NLP ProfessionalTM, Certified Enneagram Teacher, and author of Seize Your Opportunities: Living a Life Without Limits. She has received extensive training and education in communication, sexuality, personal growth and the law of attraction. These include, but are not limited to the Hendricks Institute, the Human Awareness Institute, the Enneagram Institute, Workshops in the Oral Tradition with Helen Palmer, Challenge Associates, Tony Robbins Research Institute, Landmark Education, The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, The Center for Stress Medicine, The Option Institute, The Institute for Creative Therapy, The Pacific Center, Awakening Shakti, The Institute for Ecstatic Living, SkydancingTantra, The Relationship Skills Center, and Abraham-Hicks.

Sonika is an energetic, inspiring, educational coach, leader and speaker. She is recognized for her deep loving presence, her authentic, candid honesty, her laser insight, leading-edge content and practical tools for change. Sonika’s inspiring teaching & coaching includes humorous and moving stories and exercises designed to motivate and educate, all accompanied by a contagious laugh you’ll never forget!

Christian Pedersen is originally from Denmark, but followed “love’s lead” and joined Sonika in Northern California when it became impossible to be apart from his “beloved” for months at a time.

Christian is a relationship specialist and Certified Life Coach. He's the author of the Amazon #1 best seller, When You Love Your Woman, and he has led well over 100 relationship trainings for singles and couples on the issues of relationship, communication, intimacy, sexuality, dating, law of attraction and personal transformation.

He has a private coaching practice teaching men and women how to create awesome, satisfying, powerful relationship. He is a proud graduate of the ManKind Project’s New Warrior Training Adventure and has studied with The Option Institute, SkydancingTantra, and The Relationship Skills Center. He holds a Bacholor of Science degree (and he got out in the 11th hour before he finished his Master degree in city planning and urban studies). 

Sonika & Christian have developed a unique practical and positive approach to relationships. A “fun” alternative to traditional therapy, they have designed and teach a profoundly effective system for dealing with conflicts, re-creating your relationship, breathing fire into your sex-life, and freeingyou from a painful, stuck relationship experience.They believe very strongly that the process of improving your relationship should feel fun, light-hearted and intimate,STARTING NOW (not after years of digging through emotional garbage).

As mentioned, that’s the “official” version of their bio.

Now, If you’d like to read the story of how a passionate Californian and a skinny Dane met each other and then co-founded a relationship training and coaching program, read it on our website here ... (where you can also see more about LoveWorks). 




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