You know what it means when someone takes stuff personally, because it’s really irritating when’s it’s someone you’re trying to talk to. What you migh...View Details

Ep 48: Masculinity

Masculinity, and why it’s challenging for us men to find our own authentic masculinity. We are caught between several competing strong forces that pul...View Details

You and your mate both come home from work. You expect to relax, chill, and reconnect. But somehow, you end up feeling stressed out and arguing!  That...View Details

The process of dating and exploring new relationships can be both exhilarating and frustrating, fun and demoralizing. If you’re having fun the process...View Details

How do you move yourself from feeling like a victim, to a stance of power? One aspect of this process is taking 100% responsibility. But what does tha...View Details

“My partner doesn’t want to work on our relationship!” Have you ever been in that situation? Where you want to, and feel the need to, engage in some s...View Details

Ep 43: Porn

Interviewing Susan Bratton, sex advisor to millions of people, and according to herself, “very opinionated” about porn. Curiously, Susan herself produ...View Details

Ep 42: Being Late

“You’re always late!” … How often does being late show up as a source of irritation, frustration, or even major breakdowns in your relationship? Maybe...View Details

“I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing a relationship workshop - it was totally out of the question” A married man who came to several of our workshops wit...View Details

Ep 40: Positive Reframing

Powerful tools to shift yourself out of negative states of mind and situations. Positive Reframes are are “mind tricks”, simple changes to your thinki...View Details

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