There’s a lot to disagree about in quarantine times. Which rules and recommendations do we follow? How do we interpret them? When we disagree, there’s...View Details

Do you get what you want and need in your relationship? If not, you’re probably not using this highly effective “ninja” tool of communication. To get ...View Details

The questions you ask determines whether you feel panicked or inspired. The questions you ask can help your mind - and your relationship - go in a pow...View Details

In Corona times, do you go to proactive “Warrior” response, passive “wait and see” response, or something else? How do you deal with your partner's re...View Details

There are a lot of different ways we can deal with the Corona threat. And because individuals have different ideas about the right way to do it, it’s ...View Details

When fear takes a hold us, it has immediate impact on our own state of mind and the quality of our relationships#loveinthetimeofcorona #relationshipin...View Details

A man asked us if or how he should see his boyfriend, given the current restrictions. And how DO we stay connected when we can’t get together with our...View Details

There’s a lot to grieve these days, many losses big and small in our relationships. We lose jobs, income, security, friends, family members, opportuni...View Details

When relationships are strained, all the stuff that doesn’t work takes up all your mental “bandwidth”. Problems appear bigger and bigger. Our minds go...View Details

When you’re stuck at home with kids, it can be truly challenging to take care of everybody - including yourself and your partner -  without losing you...View Details

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