I’m talking to Brian Lewis, MFT.

Brian is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Art Therapist specializing in teen, individual, couples, and family psychotherapy.  He has a private practice in Auburn and Roseville in Northern California. He is also a husband and father of two teenagers. Brian works with adults and teens, and focuses on creating relationships based on truth and trust. Find him at http://www.brianlewistherapy.com.

Brian says, “Therapy is a process of unhooking the pieces of your soul that got snagged on the jagged points of your traumatic past and brining them back together into your current-self consciousness”.

There’s a difference in how we feel internally, and how we present to the world. For instance, Brian discovered in his training to become a therapist who uses art as a healing method, as he says, “I’m a pretty mellow guy but all these angry paintings came out of me”.

When it comes to trauma, there is only so much you can do by talking about it. Often, there is no verbal or logical memory or access point to why something that triggered you today originally got created when you were much younger.

Brian walks us through the central developmental phases of growing up from childhood to adulthood, and how it we get “pieces of our souls snagged on the jagged points of life”.

We talk about the dangers of self-diagnosing phycological disorders, or even more tricky, trying to diagnose your partner, and why you can’t be your partner’s “therapist”. Today, when you google some type of disorder and read through the symptoms, it can easily appear as though you, your partner or child, is suffering from that disorder. But it’s not that simple.

Brian shares his Whole Self Counseling Approach where you self-examine the 4 quadrants of yourself, The Intellectual Self, the Physical Self, the Emotional Self, and the Spiritual Self, and he gives simple tips for how you can begin to create real change for yourself, in your life, and in your relationships.

Often, when we are in pain today, or riddled with anxiety or stress, we have a big wound in our Emotional Self. In every wound there is pain, power, and potential, and much too often, we get stuck in the pain portion. Brian shares his process for how to shift attention and energy away from the pain-points to the power and potential instead.

Plus, we talk about how this all relates to our personal relationships.

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